Workplace Wellness

HW2The Workplace Wellness Program is tackling obesity in Montgomery County by educating and supporting small businesses and their employees on the benefits of living healthy by focusing on nutrition, physical activity and health literacy.

The Montgomery County 2011 Community Health Assessment compiled by the Texas Health Institute reported 70% of adults within Montgomery County to be obese or overweight. The number of adults reported as overweight or obese within income populations of $25,000 a year or less was 84%.

Workplaces reach parents and caregivers where they spend the majority of their day, in an environment that can highly influence and support their behaviors around healthy eating and physical activity. These parents and caregivers play an important part in supporting and role modeling 5-2-1-0 behaviors for their children.

splendora jr highThere are also many benefits to employers who want to help employees and families be healthier. The 5-2-1-0 message provides a great starting point for workplaces that are new to wellness promotion and strengthens the efforts of workplaces with existing wellness activities.  Get resources for your office here.

We’re proud to have the City of Willis, the City of Conroe, Splendora ISD and Reaves Elementary on board for this life-changing initiative! If this is something your company or organization is interested in, contact Jodie Schrier or call 281-292-4155!