Web and App Resources

Healthy Eating and Exercise Websites

Woman With Mobile Phone Showing Pulse Ratewww.FitClick.com: Comprehensive weight loss site featuring diet and exercise plans, journals, exercise demonstration videos, and recipes, all supported by an active social network.   (HE/PA)

www.weightlosswars.com: Start a weight loss competition with friends and family, or join a public competition. Online tools track your progress while providing diet and exercise tips. (HE/PA)

www.fitday.com: Online diet journal and calorie tracker. For a small monthly fee, upgrade to receive detailed nutrition reports, custom nutritional goals, and advanced activity tracking and exercise database. (HE/PA)

www.sparkpeople.com: Lose weight and keep it off with Sparkpeople’s online forums for diet and exercise, posted by both members and experts.  (HE/PA)

www.myfitnesspal.com: Calorie counter and food journal that accommodates popular diets like Atkins, the South Beach Diet, the Zone, and more. The journal contains over 2,000,000 items, and remembers your favorites over time; once you are on a balanced diet, it finds ways to work your favorite items in for a special treat. (HE/PA)

Mobile Apps

www.endomondo.com    Apple, Android, Blackberry

Like to exercise on the go? Endomondo tracks your route and records your workouts over time. Get motivation from friends on Facebook every time you break a mile, and connect your pedometer to measure movement all day long.  (PA)

www.fooducate.com    Apple, Android

Scan your snack’s bar code to get nutrition facts, grades, reviews and alternate, healthier options. Some items also include a healthier recipe for you to make at home.  (HE)

www.getlocavore.com/     Apple, Android

Looking for fresh local produce? This app tells you what is in season, and uses your phone’s GPS to find a local market.  (HE)

www.loseit.com/     Apple, Android

Input your current weight and goal, and this app will track your eating and exercise habits to show how long it will take to reach your goal. Share your progress with friends, and scan bar codes to get real information about food you buy in the store.  (HE/PA)

www.myfitnesspal.com     Apple, Android